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Accent - emphasis laid on a part of an artistic design or compositions 

Host - Place which files are served from
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Hosting Packages Search Engine Optimization We can remotely insure your computer is up to date and secure Using floor plans to help you make the most of your office space and traffic flow

Make sure your data is backed up, we can help you make a plan In studio or on site imaging of your products for all uses Our support pages including contact and free how to resources

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Who is ? is your simplified web site hosting solution for business and advanced users, but also your personal family or team site, we have Web hosting solutions of all sizes. We try to make it easy if you're getting started for the first time.

Basic html (the code that most pages you see are built from) hosting can be set up in minutes for users that know how to FTP or transfer files. If you are new to web design, visit our resources section where we will teach you step by step how to create, upload and verify that your pages can be seen. By using a plan that has Fantastico you will be able to set up your own blog or forum in just a few minutes, with the Fantastico installer doing all the work for you.

We don't care if you are purple, yellow, white or black we do care what type of information you wish to promote. We reserve the right to refuse hosting for Spam, racist, warz, pornographic or sites that infringe upon copy written information.

How does help?

We have created packages to fit a wide range of needs and will always consider any request that you may have. Please visit our packages page to see hosting plans for the beginner, user and advanced designers.

Once you've chosen a plan, you can purchase or transfer your domain name using our shopping cart.

What makes different than other host?

What makes us different than most host is that we will tell you as it is so that there is no miscommunication. So lets start with the basics, we are not a huge host with dozens of techs making us much like 90% of the hosting programs you will find anywhere else. Hosting today is a network of large host reselling space to companies like ours.

Before creating we scoured the Internet to find the best value on the most reliable network with the most features. In order to keep our service reliable, we verify each new account within one business day before allowing access to the server.

To get started visit our hosting plans section to find the package that fits your needs best. If you have any comments or questions after reviewing our information contact us through

The Team

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